Southern Dewback Appearances

Request an Appearance

To request an appearance by the Southern Dewback Garrison, please read the information below and then submit a request via the webform at the bottom of this page.

Once the request has been submitted the Garrison Event Coordinators will contact you to confirm details, answer any questions and let you know if the Garrison can attend you event.

The Southern Dewback Garrison is an extension of the 501st Legion, who are able to operate under the Disney 'Star Wars' Licence with certain expectations and restrictions. Southern Dewback members must act in a professional manner and cannot be seen in incomplete costume.

While in costume, our members cannot be seen to endorse, advertise, or sell (including posing next to or holding for a photo) any products or merchandise - no matter the brand or cause. This also includes no public speaking and media interviews while in costume.

The Southern Dewback Garrison is entirely run by volunteers, and is not for profit - we do not charge appearance fees. We will make appearances for charities to assist in fund raising, or can make an appearance at an event if a donation is made to a charity on our behalf.

Once a request is received, we will put it to our members and see who is available to attend. Making a request does not guarantee that members will be available to attend the event, or that costumes of specific characters will be able to attend. The Southern Dewback Garrison reserves the right to decide not to attend an event for any reason.

While in costume, many of our members have limited mobility, impaired vision and hearing, and are more susceptible to heat stress. Our members may have trouble with stairs, moving across uneven ground, and be unable to sit down.

Our members have spent much time, money and love creating screen accurate costumes, and because of this, our members are very careful and protective of their costumes, and will avoid any action that may cause damage to the costume. Please bear this in mind when you are requesting an appearance.

We request a secure changing area when making an appearance so we can prevent difficulties getting to the event in costume. We will arrive with our costumes, change into them directly before the event, and have a secure location to leave our personal belongings while trooping. This also gives us a break area where we can remove helmets/armour/heavy cloaks etc to take a breather while out of the public eye. Not having a secure changing area does not mean we will not attend you event, but the details will need to be discussed with our Garrison Event Coordinators.