Southern Dewback Garrison - South Australia
Star Wars 501st Legion

About Us

The 501st Legion is a world wide non-profit Star Wars costuming group. Dedicated to building and maintaining screen accurate Star Wars costumes, we specialise in recreating the armour and costumes worn by the "Bad Guys" of Star Wars like Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters, Sith Lords, Imperial Officers, Inquisitors and many more of your favourite characters.

Members of the 501st Legion also make appearances for worthy charities and events that have a mission or focus towards improving the community and entertaining children and adults alike.

The Southern Dewback Garrison is the South Australian division of the 501st Legion.

If you have a passion for Star Wars and would like to know more, please look around our website for more information about both the Southern Dewback Garrison and also the 501st legion as a whole.

Members of the Southern Dewback Garrison