History of the 501st Legion

The History of the Southern Dewback Garrison

The 501st Legion operations in Australia and New Zealand began life as the "ANZ Squad" - This was a collective that would go on to become a official Garrison of the 501st Legion for Australia and New Zealand.

Over time the membership to the "ANZ Squad" continued to grow until it was decided to split "ANZ Squad" into "Terror Australis Squad(Australia)" and "Outpost 42 (New Zealand)" Terror Australis Squad then grew into Terror Australis Garrison. These new National Garrisons allowed for a greater focus on local issues within the respective countries.

As part of the new "Terror Australis Garrison" a new Squad was created called the "Southern Dewbacks Squad", this squad contained all the South Australian Members, however over time as more members joined the 501st the "Southern Dewback Squad" grew to the stage that forming a dedicated South Australian Garrison was inevitable.

The "Southern Dewback Garrison" prides itself on a strong commitment to helping its recruits, cadets and members in their quest to build, maintain and wear the unique costumes from the Star Wars Galaxy far far away.

We also are strong supporters of many worthy causes and charities regularly making appearances on their behalf and bringing a memorable edge to on event.

Our Troopers can be found bringing joy to Star Wars fans both young and old and are always happy to be photographed with you!