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Hello all,

We are proud to show you our approved logo for the Southern Command Sector!
The idea was designed with the intent to show appreciation to the new era of officers in the films (F.Y.I. the Krennic shuttle WAS NOT my idea!) :p

Hope you all like it Smile

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Good job

[Image: WMSAxB7.jpg][Image: 3rJnsmT.png]
Good work.

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There is only one Moff!!.....Moff Stryder  [Image: 3rJnsmT.png]
Great work with the design FortieA62!

[Image: rRWJ1jH.jpg][Image: 3rJnsmT.png]

No shields. All guts.
Logo looks great, I really like the whole Southern Command font around the top. The only thing if I'm being hyper critical is I'd have used the same font for the 1836th Division banner on the bottom.

[Image: web_acklay.jpg]
Had abit of fun with our photoshoot from yesterday! Big Grin

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