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2018 Command Staff
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Dear Dewbacks
It is my pleasure to formally announce the 2018 Edition of Command Staff for the Southern Dewbacks Garrison. 
Commanding Officer (CO): 5463 Matthew Tucker, “Darth Hunky”
Executive Officer (XO): 22662 Michael Frasca, “Renley”
Captain of the Guard (COG): 3482 Andrew Myers, “Meanders”
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML): 67890 Jake Rainsford, "Gruntsky"
Assistant Membership Liaison (AGML): 19860 Shaun Thompson, "Shrek"
Garrison Public Relations Officer (GPRO): 2845 Ben Castle, “Sorbin” 
Assistant Garrison Public Relations Officer (AGPRO) - Social Media: 22662 Michael Frasca, “Renley”
Garrison Merchandise & Branding Officer (GMBO): 63630 Paul Gray, “Nugs”
Garrison WebMaster (GWM, aka WebGoddess): 1387 Lucinda Bragg, “Luche”
Garrison Web Liaison (GWL): 24126 Craig Henley, "Blitzcraig"  
Garrison Events Coordinator (GEC):10221 Tim Burdon, "TimBurdon"
Garrison Charity Representative (GCR): 64742 Tania Annese, "Vixon"
Garrison Special Projects Officer (GSPO): 18233 Paul Strachan, "xstatic1"

Thanks again, Dewbacks.

May the Force be with you!

[Image: q9zPr2I.jpg]
[Image: web acklay.jpg]

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