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Official Garrison Approval
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Greetings all to the new Southern Dewback Garrison forums.

The Official word has been passed down and all relelvant changes are being made, the most immediate of these are that our new forums can be used officially!

I want to thank each and every member of the Southern Dewback Garrison, Terror Australis Garrison, 501st Legion as well as all the friends and family who've supported us and assisted us to reach this point. It could not have happened without you all.

The next 12 month probationary period will be a test of our drive and passion for the Legion, one which I am sure we can meet! It is a challenge to stand on our own two feet, let us rise to it.

There is much to be done and there will be many changes over the coming days, weeks and months. For now I'd like to welcome all newly inducted Southern Dewback Garrison members, visiting 501st members and any other recruits, cadets and interested persons to the forums.

Welcome to the new home of the Southern Dewback Garrison!

[Image: rRWJ1jH.jpg][Image: 3rJnsmT.png]

No shields. All guts.

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