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Hospital Trooping Guidelines
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General Guidelines

No elements of violence, or suggestions of physical harm /death.
No weapons. (Lightsabers are okay usually but check before hand.)
No phones, photo cameras or video cameras (only staff/parents will be allowed to do any photography or video recording)
No Wranglers(if you need help suiting up, ask one of your fellow Troopers)
No Minors to accompany troops
Any handouts/gifts to be cleared with the Staff before the event starts.

As per hospital policy all visitors must be escorted by a staff member at ALL TIMES

If you are feeling ill just before or at the hospital event, you need to let the event coordinator know ASAP.

Do's and Don'ts for interacting with the kids:

DO Stay with the guide and follow their lead. Not every child wants visitors.
DO Introduce yourself.
DO Smile. (even behind a helmet a smile shows through in your body language)
DO Crouch down to child's level (if you can)
DO Ask general questions or questions that relate to the visit. Do you like Star Wars? Does your bear have a name? Friendly questions
DO Thank a child for letting you visit.
DO End with a positive note.


Do not wander off on your own.
Do not ask patients why they are in the hospital.
Do not say, "Get well soon".
Do not make promises you can not keep like "I will see you soon".
Do not talk about your own hospital experience.
Do not make religious references (like God will heal you).
Do not use adult or medical humor.
Do not make assumptions about a child's age or gender - illness can drastically change the way a child grows / looks, be careful.
Do not scold a child for their mood or behavior. Being in the hospital can be difficult and they have a reason to be in a bad mood.
Do not focus only on the child. Siblings/Parents can enjoy our presence too.

Please be aware that ANY breach of these guidelines could have serious repercussions for the Hospital, and it's Staff.
They, in turn, may reject any further apperances by us to prevent any future breaches

It is a Hospital.....NOT a shopping mall!

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