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Trooper / Support / Wranger Code of Conduct & Wrangling Guidelines
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Read & Acknowledged.

I want to also acknowledge that I do troop quite a bit, and I really appreciate all the wranglers and troopers that help out.

Personally, I haven't had any issues crop up, but this is a good guide to help out with the new influx of people becoming interested.

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Read & acknowledged.

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Read & acknowledged.

Read & acknowledged

Like Damon said...I troop a good majority of the troops and feel like I missed something, I must be totally oblivious cause I'm yet to see any note worthy incidents but it is a good idea to make sure new people are aware of the possible hazards.

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As we grow, these sought of things do need to be raised - good call!

While we were a very small unit, learning through osmosis wasnt an issue, but as our numbers swell that becomes a lot harder. The Code of Conduct has been around from day dot, so it's prudent we make sure everyone is on the same Page and the public sees a consistently professional approach to what we do.

Re-reading and fully endorsed and acknowledged by fox

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Read and Acknowledged.

Would only add that if you see people being silly or trying to sneak up on Troopers point it out to others and alert a wrangler so they can keep an eye on it.

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Read and acknowledged.

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Read and acknowledged. This is such an important piece of info for new members and those who don't have much experience wrangling. Wrangling is an integral part of what we do.

Read and acknowledged.

As a recruit who's still waiting for his armour to arrive there will certainly be opportunities for me to get more wrangling experience and understand just how trooping events operate.

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Read & Acknowledged


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