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Legion Rules and Procedures
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We're all here to have fun, contribute to the community, bring smiles to faces and share our love of the galaxy far far away. Along with the privilege of being a trooper in the 501st Legion, comes certain responsibilities. As a trooper in the Southern Dewback Garrison you should be are aware of the legion rules and regulations.

All of this information can be found on the 501st Legion website.

Our Mission

If you're wondering why you're here, the Legion Mission sums it up in a nutshell.
  • To Promote Interest in Star Wars
  • To Facilitate the Use of Costumes
  • To Contribute

Legion Charter

The Legion Charter explains the membership requirements, how the Legion is organised and conducts itself.

Legion Code of Conduct

Our Fourm Code of Conduct explain how you should behave on these forums with your fellow troopers. The Legion Code of Conduct explains what is expected of you as a trooper in your interactions with troopers and the public away from the forums. If there are any problems or disputes then the avenues for addressing these are explained.

Legion Operations Protocol

The code of conduct is part of the Legion Operations Protocol which explains what you need to do to maintain your active membership and what your membership entitles you to.

Trooper Survival Guide

The Trooper Survival Guide contains some great practical tips for looking after yourself and your costume when trooping. It offers advice on etiquette for troopers and wranglers when mixing with the public.

As usual, ask one of your friendly command staff if you have any questions.

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